Event programs

LOHASMAN Reporting program

On the first day of Exhibition, foreign buyers are guided to visit interested Korean sellers' booths together with interpreters in order to observe exhibits and prepare for next day's business meetings.

They may talk with Korean sellers lightly at the booths as they hear and write at given form about brand,product advantages,market,certification,packing,price,MOQ, sample,etc.

Sample Coupons(only for buyers) are given to claim sample goods from exhibitors' booths.

Business Matching Program

Trained interpreters will help efficient business talks between exhibitors and buyers.

LOI Award Ceremony takes place between each meeting session.

Easy-to-write business memo forms are available so that concrete business discussions and follow-up communications can happen based on them.

Fam Tour

Foreign participants are also given opportunity to visit not only a few sightseeing places of Jeju but also factory/office of Korean company who manufactures LOHAS products at the last day of Exhibition.