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If your exhibit is not heavy, you had better hand carry. It is most convenient and free from headaches in clearing custom office.


- If your exhibit is larger than 'hand carry' volume, you may send it to your hotel at Jeju by FED EX.

- If your exhibit is larger than 'FED EX' delivery volume, then you will have to send it by sea or by air.

  Air freight will be cleared at INCHEON while Sea freight will be cleared at BUSAN.

  You can gather all exhibits together with other exhibitors at your area and organize in a wooden palette.

  Local shipping agency of your company at your area will help your group to organize.

  (Or, we can introduce a local shipping agent)

  We recommend that you send exhibits to a specific shipping agency at Seoul that we know. 
  This agency has experiences of handling international exhibits brought into Korea.  

  According to this agency, transportation (from INCHEON/BUSAN to JEJU) plus custom clearance fee 

  will be around USD660 in total for 1 palette.

  If the weight of 1 wooden palette is heavier than 200kg, then there will be a surcharge. 
  Expected total cost of transportation from INCHEON/BUSAN to JEJU is almost same whether by sea or air.

  Regarding the quarantine (if your exhibits include food), we will let you know later. 

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