Introduction of Exhibition

Welcome to Jeju island, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage, to share LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability)

The 7th LOHAS Exhibition in September 2018. You are invited to share the Lohas sprit as well as to present your poducts or watch and experience the varieties such as goods, lifestyle, etc., that are encountered in the exhibition.

Summary of Exhibition

Name of Event LOHAS Exhibition 2018
Duration Sep 6(Thu.) ~ Sep 9(Sun), 2018 / Four Days
Venue Maison Glad, Jeju
Organized by KAKYO Company Ltd.  
Hosted by
  • Jeju Halla General Hospital 
  • Jeju Self-governing Provincial Tourism Association 
  • Korea LOHAS Association 
Sponsored by
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 
  • Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 
  • Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology 
  • Jeju Institute for Regional Program Evaluation 
  • Jeju Business Agency
  • Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Jeju Technopark
  • Jeju Tourism Culture Industry Promotion Agency
  • Jeju Kwangdong Korea Medicine Volunteer Organization
  • Korea SME Association, Jeju
  • Korea Organic Association, Jeju
  • Jeju Bio Business Association
  • Jeju Cosmetic Business Association
  • Jeju Eport Asociation
Estimated volume
  • Exhibitors : 300
  • Visitors : About 10,000
  • Korean Market Suppliers :50
  • Foreign Buyers : 20

Purpose of the Exhibition

  • Providing information on safe food
  • Devoting to economy of Jeju Province taking advantage of business events developed by domestic/foreign visitors
  • Spearheading the health industry and promotion of vitality in Jeju island through advertising LOHAS and Healing Programs
  • Revitalization of local economy and export promotion by supporting overseas market expansion for good quality products
  • Promoting sales of LOHAS-related good quality products through advertisement
  • Activation of local economy and industries by events such as exhibition, seminar and other related functions

Scope of Exhibition

Clean health food

Natural/Organic food, Traditional fermented food, Nutritional Supplements, Jeju specialty, Specialty agricultural/livestock/marine products, functional products,etc.

Beauty and cosmetics

Natural cosmetics, Organic/Environment-friendly cosmetics, Fermented cosmetics, Bath products, Massage related products, etc.

Healing program

Water treatment program, Environment-friendly tour, Responsible tourism, Carbon-offsetting Tour, Volunteer Tour, Environment-friendly festival, Environment-friendly recreations, etc.

Medical related

Products related with Stabilization / healing of human body and mind

Low carbon related

Products related with low carbon / clean energy

Village experience related

Nationwide village experience products and related food, etc.