What is LOHAS?

What is LOHAS?

LOHAS is abbreviation of 'Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability'(of environment)
The term 'LOHAS' was born for business groups and academic world in the late 1990s and is well known widely today.

LOHAS pursues to raise awareness about the environment of earth and society beyond mere duty concerning 'consumption control' and to return to natural roots when it comes to protection of environment and responsibility of society. It also seeks 'Ego-to-Eco-system' concerning everyday consumption, production and other activities.

The Importance of LOHAS

Increasing LOHAS consumers

  • LOHAS market is mature at advanced nations (USA, Japan, etc.)
  • LOHAS consumers are increasing in Korea
  • Changing awareness about Health and Environment

Social responsibility of corporations

  • Responsibility to protect environment and consumers
  • Ethical Management and Fair Trade
  • Requirement for sustainable development of corporations

Leading theme for growing industries of next generation

  • New renewable energy, Future cars, Energy-efficient industries
  • Convergence with leading-edge technology industries
  • Healthy functional food, IT+Medical, Ubiquitous medical care, etc.

Coverage of LOHAS industry

Sustainable Economy

  • Considering sustainable environment and profit at the same time
  • New renewable energy, Future cars, Energy-efficient products, Green buildings, environment-friendly industrial materials, recycling energy, Socially responsible investment, etc.

Healthy Living

  • Organic food, Healthy functional food, Customized health/treatment services, diet food

Ecological Lifestyle

  • Providing intrinsic value and satisfying need for health/environment
  • Commodities for environment-friendly houses and offices
  • Environment-friendly facilities and appliances
  • Recyclable home/office goods, Organic fiber goods, Recyclable fiber goods
  • Eco-tourism

Alternative Healthcare

  • Putting priority on prevention of diseases
  • Homeotherapy, Acupuncture, Iridology, Integrated Healthcare, Naturopathy, Prevention of Psychological Illness, Supplementary Medicine, Health and Well-being Solutions

Personal Development

  • Importance of Mental Health
  • Yoga / Fitness, Mental Training, Self-realization